Nikki Yodo

Job History

I started working when I entered college in Malaysia. Until now, I am grateful to a friend of mine who hooked me up with my first job ever. Listed below are my work history starting from the most recent.


CloudSaver Inc. (August 2019 - present)
  • Graphic: Add emboss effect on CloudSaver logo using Adobe Illustrator
  • Graphic: Edit promotional video using After Effect and QuickTime
  • Web: Fix issue with URL Rewrite not working on IIS
  • Auth: Integrate with Okta to allow SSO using SAML 2.0
  • IT: Install Ubiquity ToughSwitch to enable multiple VoIP phones to share a single ethernet cable
  • Database: Create SQL Server stored procedure with Table-Valued Parameters to generate complex reports
  • Cloud: Put custom metrics to CloudWatch using CloudWatch Agent
  • Web: Create .NET generic classes to simplify retrieving multiple metrics from CloudWatch
  • Auth: Integrate with Ping Identity to allow SSO using SAML 2.0
  • Auth: Integrate with OneLogin to allow SSO using SAML 2.0
  • Database: Introduce and implement Entity Framework Code First
  • Web: Create .NET extension methods to sort enumerables by attribute and property name using reflection
  • Misc: Fill in for customer support role when no one was available
  • Web: Implement indented drag and drop on report filter modal dialog
  • Web: Add custom tooltip on HTML tables using Tooltipster
  • Web: Create custom HTML tables with frozen top, bottom and first column
  • Database: Improve EF batch insert performance by utilizing SqlBulkCopy
  • Web: Add custom scrollbar on HTML elements using mCustomScrollbar
  • Cloud: Programmatically install and configure CloudWatch Agent using Amazon Systems Manager (SSM)
  • Cloud: Run various PowerShell commands through Amazon SSM
  • IT: Map disk drives/partitions to EBS volumes using PowerShell and Shell script
  • IT: Shrink EBS volumes using Shell script on Windows and Linux
  • IT: Create mirror (Raid 1) using PowerShell and Diskpart
  • IT: Create, attach, initialize, part and format EBS volumes automatically
  • IT: Move EBS volume content to another EBS volume using Shell script
  • IT: Test various operations, such as copy content, shrink size, etc, on multiple Windows Servers and Linux flavors
  • IT: Automate benchmarking by programmatically run AIDA64 on various EC2 via AWS Systems Manager
  • Web: Create various reports in PDF and Excel using TallPDF, EPPlus and Highcharts
  • Web: Propose and implement queuing and scheduling of background processes using Hangfire to better decouple front end and back end
  • Database: Manage SQL Server using SSMS
  • Cloud: Solve issue with AWS Systems Manager not able to run commands
  • Web: Create custom .NET attributes to improve code code efficiency
  • IT: Schedule console app execution using Task Scheduler
  • Graphic: Help creating and editing CloudSaver assessment instruction video using Movavi
  • Graphic: Blur sensitive information in CloudSaver instruction videos using Adobe Premier Element
  • Web: Workaround template formatting bug in SalesForce CPQ by utilizing Apache FOP knowledge
  • Web: Create .NET extension methods to check if list is empty
  • Web: Develop ASP.NET Core Web API application to compress file using LZMA and hosted it in Ubuntu using NGINX
  • IT: Migrate background processing powered by Hangfire on Windows Service to a new server
  • Database: Use Entity Framework to map to Amazon Aurora Serverless
  • Web: Create .NET SDK for CloudSaver compression engine
  • IT: Host internal Nuget server
  • Cloud: Use AWS API Gateway and Lambda to provide endpoints to store metadata for CloudSaver bundling and compression engine
  • Web: Develop code to bundle files and extract a single file by byte range from the bundle stored in S3
  • Database: Implement EF Migration to manage and apply schema change
  • Web: Create EFMySqlBulkLoader class that utilizing MySqlBulkLoader operation to allow fast bulk insert to Amazon Aurora Serverless
  • DevOps: Setup CI/CD pipeline using Azure DevOps and AWS CodeDeploy
  • Database: Create views in Amazon Aurora Serverless and enable them to be programmatically created via EF
  • Database: Optimize SQL queries and apply appropriate indexes
  • Cloud: Automate Amazon EC2 virtualization type conversion from PV to HVM
  • Cloud: Install ENA module and Nvme driver programmatically via AWS Systems Manager
  • IT: Wrote a script to replace device name with UUID in fstab to migrate Amazon EC2 to Nitro-based instance type
  • Auth: Propose and implement OAuth 2.0 authentication using Auth0
  • Mobile: Develop CloudSaver iOS app
  • IT: Install and renew SSL certificate in IIS
  • Web: Solve CloudSaver log out issue
  • DevOps: Design and apply Azure DevOps building and deployment steps
  • Database: Create helper code to update schema by applying EF Migration on all databases
  • Auth: Move custom Sustainsys SAML 2.0 logic from HttpModule to OWIN Middleware
  • Cloud: Update certificate in AWS Certificate Manager (ACM)
  • Cloud: Maintain and update AWS AMI with Aida64 pre-installed to automate benchmarking
  • Misc: Implement logging on background processes using log4net
  • Cloud: Setup cross-account VPC peering to connect main AWS account with test AWS account
  • Web: Move ASP.NET Session State server from SQL Server to AWS Aurora Serverless
  • Web: Enable OWIN on ASP.NET Web Forms
  • Database: Move Hangfire Database from SQL Server to AWS Aurora Serverless
  • Cloud: Launch cross-account resources using AWS CloudFormation StackSet
  • IT: Setup Microsoft Active Directory
  • Auth: Code authentication against AD
  • Web: Enable ASP.NET Session on OWIN
  • Cloud: Implement AWS best practice to access different accounts by assuming role via AWS STS
  • Misc: Create StsTokenManager singleton class to manage security token obtained from AWS STS
  • Misc: Solve a certain race condition by implementing ServiceLocator pattern
  • Misc: Move some appsettings to environment variable for easier management and security
  • Security: Disable deprecated SSL and TLS protocols on Windows Servers via PowerShell
  • Security: Disable weak encryption protocols on Windows Servers via PowerShell
  • Misc: Utilize Topshelf to install Hangfire as Windows Service
  • Database: Move data from SQL Server to AWS Aurora Serverless
  • IT: Modify OpenVPN access server to allow VPN connection to test environment VPC
  • Web: Allow single DbContext instance per request
  • IT: Solve and script fix for Linux kernel update failure
  • DevOps: Troubleshoot phantom TFS workspace
  • Misc: Layout and lead the implementation of best practices for development team
  • Web: Temporarily solve SSO issue by doing redirect
  • Web: Code to asynchronously load monitoring data on the web page for max of 3 EC2 instances at a time to improve responsiveness
  • DevOps: Setup Kanban board, design and document development process, create branches in Azure DevOps
  • Web: Lead the development of OnPrem solution
  • Cloud: Tighten security in AWS accounts by modifying IAM policies, security groups, and route tables

Web Application Developer

WorkView LLC (July 2017 - August 2019)
  • Manage and enhance Partner Portal ASP.NET Web Forms application
  • Create windows console app to send out WorkView scheduled reports
  • Generate reports in PDF using Tallcomponent TallPDF.NET
  • Generate reports in Excel with embedded macro using EPPlus
  • Add ability to import data from Basecamp3 to WorkView
  • Create Gantt chart of projects and tasks programmatically using DayPilot Gantt
  • Add functionality to allow user to click a button to copy to clipboard using clipboard.js
  • Create a scheduled report monitoring web application
  • Add logic to extract text from html formatted strings using HTML Agility Pack
  • Handle Basecamp3 and Highcharts server rate limitation using custom DelegatingHandler
  • Create charts using Highcharts
  • Add logic to react when browser tab is visible/invisible using Page Visibility API
  • Add logic to validate URL using Regex
  • Modify images/graphics for work purposes using Photoshop
  • Automate file copying after code compilation/build using MSBuild
  • Develop and release WorkView iOS app
  • Develop and release WorkView Android app
  • Troubleshoot permissions in SQL Server
  • Manage projects and versions in VSTS
  • Explore jReport as part of reporting tools due diligence
  • Implement custom logger in ASP.NET Web API applications using log4net
  • Pull data from Exchange via Exchange Web Services (EWS)
  • Write JavaScript query string parser
  • Troubleshoot partner company's issue using cURL
  • Develop app to process scheduled reports
  • Move application error handler to a central location
  • Update Zoho API in WorkView to use OAuth 2.0 and Restful API


Data Center Inc. (August 2012 - July 2017)
  • Developed sub application named Vendor Management in VB.Net for ASP.Net Web Forms
  • Enabled File Handler Services to combine PDF documents using dbAutotrack PDF-Writer.NET
  • Modified format of internal periodical reports generated by Windows Service using PDFlib library
  • Added scrolling capability to Silverlight document viewer plugin
  • Enable chat capability by implementing SightMax chat for customer service department
  • Designed new and modified existing icons using JASC Paintshop Pro application
  • Enhanced user education by developing DCI University sub application for Education department
  • Implemented the first drag and drop functionality for ASP.NET grid view in main web application
  • Added embedded PDF viewer to web pages
  • Rewrote existing web pages to improve maintainability
  • Shared educational videos on team meetings
  • Contributed ideas, potential problems and suggestions in spec meetings
  • Initiated a section on company's newsletter for employees to share their favorite books
  • Performed code review on modifications by other programmers
  • Researched and documented necessary steps to upgrade .NET framework versions
  • Applied requested modifications on main ASP.NET Web Forms application
  • Obtained 3 Microsoft certifications related to technology being used
  • Wrote Javascript for browser bookmark to enable team members to easily navigate to a page by supplying pageID
  • Crafted complex SQL query to obtain needed data in projects
  • Added build date time to MSBuild script
  • Solved problem on importing text files due to incompatible encoding scheme
  • Figured out printing issue due to custom font not rendered properly on PostScript device

Production Tech

Envision, Inc. through Labor Finders (July 2011 – August 2012)
  • Developed a custom MRP application using Windows Form in C#.NET on Visual Studio 2008
  • Utilized Microsoft Access as the backend to store manufacturing data generated by custom MRP application
  • Synchronized data in the Microsoft Access file with SQL Server by using Windows Service
  • Generated requested reports for supervisors and managers by using Crystal Report
  • Deployed custom MRP application using ClickOnce technology
  • Troubleshot Microsoft Excel issues for manufacturing managers
  • Created a simple chat application by utilizing socket programming

Graduate Research Assistant

Finance, Real Estate & Decision Sciences Department at WSU (August 2008 – May 2011)
  • Queried real estate related data from RETS compliance network servers using SQL via ODBC connection
  • Developed statistical analysis programs using STATA
  • Automated reports generation in Microsoft Excel by writing macros in VBA
  • Generated monthly reports to be delivered to 24 Kansas area real estate boards
  • Improved handling of monthly reports generation from 4 boards to 24 boards in shorter period of time
  • Shortened reports generation time from 1 week to 3 days
  • Updated stored real estate data when new data are available from various sources

Student Technician

Campus Media Services at WSU (September 2005 – December 2007)
  • Assisted in setting up professional multimedia devices for important events around campus
  • Set up requested multimedia devices for classes in various university buildings
  • Troubleshot functionality issues with media devices
  • Reorganized, tested and cleaned devices such as projectors, cables, dvr, etc
  • Helped with clerical activities around the office such as taking phone calls, check out items, etc

Student Assistant

Department of Mathematics and Statistics at WSU (August 2005 – December 2005)
  • Graded Calculus 1 weekly homework of 50 students
  • Picked up homework and delivered graded homework in timely manner
  • Discussed with the teacher when questions on the homework solution arose

Student Helper

ADP Office - Taylor's College Malaysia (Fall 2004)
  • Assumed the role of receptionist when no receptionist is available
  • Assisted office staffs with clerical responsibilities such as photocopy, mailing, etc
  • Brought new students and parents for a tour around campus
  • Reorganized university catalogs to make them easier to find and updated

Student Helper

Main Campus Library - Taylor's College Malaysia (Fall 2003)
  • Delivered returned books to appropriate aisle
  • Ordered books alphabetically in the shelves
  • Aligned the edge of the book to the edge of the shelf
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