Nikki Yodo



Chinese (or Mandarin) is very close to my mother tongue. It is one of the most widely spoken language in the world. Some rank it as second most important language after English.

Let's start with a bit of history. Although I was born in Indonesia, my ancestors were originally from China. During my generation, we were not allowed to use other languages other than Indonesian for the sake of nationalism, thus learning Chinese were not beneficial. So besides my interest in the language, I feel obliged to learn at least a little bit of Chinese.

I first encountered Chinese when I was in my last year of junior high school. That time, I learned privately from a tutor but stopped after a short time due to increasing load of assignments.

As I entered senior high school, few friends of mine invited me to learn Chinese again. We stopped only after 2 months. This time, our tutor has to stop tutoring to pursue higher education overseas. And I didn't pick up Chinese until many years later.

Sometime during my university year, I try ChinesePod101 for few months. A friend of mine actually used them and recommended to me. He was an English teacher in China.

On September 2015, I checked Wichita Chinese School and they have Chinese learning program once a week. The learning last for about two years before I have to move away due to work.

On August 2019, I have to go back to Indonesia. Over there, I try to at least maintain my Chinese skill through Hello Chinese app. The app was recommended by my former Chinese teacher.


  • There are 5 intonations in Chinese, one of them is "no intonation".
  • Two sets of characters: simplified and traditional.
  • Context is important when speaking Chinese.
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