Nikki Yodo



As far as I remember, I started learning English back in the first year of Elementary school. During that time, I also started attending a private course center named Meili. They are no longer in business. From there I went through a handful other private course centers listed below.

  • Meili
  • Best
  • EF (English First)
  • IEC

After I graduated from high school, I attended ADP program in Taylor's College in Malaysia. And of course, English 101 and English 102 are part of the curriculum.

Eventually I transferred to the US. Being in the midwest part of US for couple of years really boost my English. I found out that it is better than some friends that study in big cities.


  • Syllable emphasis is very important in English. Native speaker often gets confused when I stress the wrong syllable.
  • Pronunciation are very important too. Wrong pronunciation throws native speakers off.
  • Context in English often doesn't get carried to the next sentence unlike many Asian languages.
  • Tenses and gender pronouns (he, she, it) often cause me to trip.
  • The v and th in English is hard for me for many years.
  • Phrases and slangs are very common.
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