Nikki Yodo


November 5-7th, 2010

During Eta Kappa Nu 2010 National Conference, students are divided into teams. Each team consists of students from different universities. Within 3 days, each team is expected to design, program and compete in Sumobot competition. Each team has different parts of Lego Mindstorm and programming is done in LabVIEW.

Link to WSU page: 2010 HKN Student Conference

On the first day, I was just having fun making the Lego below which is not designed for competition.

Lego Perspective View
My first ever Lego Mindstorm

The second day, my Lego was rebuilt for competition. We did quick research and decided on a robot equipped with ramp in the front. One of our team members named it "Wally" (inspired by Wall-e). I was in charge of programming it since I'm the only one majoring in Computer Science in my team. It took me most of the second night to figure out how to code in LabVIEW and upload the program to the robot. At the end, competition didn't start well for us but my team managed to get runner up. The following are pictures of Wally.

Wally ready for competition
Wally Front
Wally (Front)
Wally Right
Wally (Left)
Wally Top
Wally (Top)
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